Little People

“If your child love's to get messy, let's do messy. If they love bubbles, let's do bubbles! The possibilities are endless”

Where Kids Matter

little girl standing with bubbles
little boy sitting with his hat
little boy sitting on chair
little girl standing with bubbles
sister and newborn brother
little girl looking at bubbles.
little girl dancing with bubbles
little girl sitting on stool
little girl sitting on chair
siblings sitting on a rock at the beach in Aucklands north shore
young man in suit
boy sitting on stool in studio
twinkle lights blown by a boy
10 year old boy sitting in chair.
Children playing in studio
Little girl looking out window
brother and sister sitting on floor
Baby boy standing with chair
Baby playing with toys on playmat
young boy lying on his bed
young boy at beach
toddler, black and white photography
young boy at beach
mum and me, holding newborn in arms, newborn photography
mum and me, toddler photography
young girl at beach
child in hot pool Rotorua looking at to steam
child portrait looking through concrete shape
young baby sitting on blanket at beach
young toddler sitting on cushions
mum and me photographer
young boy riding his bike down Kumeu driveway
creek, muriwai , child photography
two young boys in the rain enjoying the Muriwai creek
sibling toddlers sitting on bed
a mother and child relaxing on bed at whenuapai home
two children racing their scooters
two sisters sitting side by side on a playground
little girl running down garden path.
young asian boy sitting in garage in black and white.
Asian child sitting in garage in black and white.
young Asian girl portrait wit a small smile.
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All about the kids

Welcome, This is where you don't have to worry about being in front of the camera. I specialise in kids only, where fun is the goal and the aim is to capture them as you know them.