Child Portraits

I love all the little details you love, little noses, eyes and those gorgeous wee hands. The little flicks of hai, the curls and giggles. Let's get all the details that all love about your children.

In Kumeu this baby sleeps in bassinet for lifestyle shoot
baby's ear while he sleeps in Huapai child photoshoot
baby in bassinet photoshoot in Kumeu and Huapai
Child portrait photographer captures baby while sleeping in Huapai
face and hand of a child portrait in Kumeu and Huapai

What if my baby is fussy?

The fussy baby, there is no way to predict if your baby is going to have a good day or a bad day. We wish we knew the magic answer to this, all parents will experience a day we all wish to forget. Not to worry though, I will do my best to get images of you rocking your baby or holding them. There will be small moments we will get and no-one will know the disaster that may or may not have unfolded.

Little sister and brother having a child's portrait on their mum and dad's bed in Huapai and Kumeu